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Timeless Legacy: The Perez Bros

August 18, 2022

Timeless Legacy: The Perez Bros

Los Angeles based artists Alejandro and Vicente Perez are known in the art community as the Perez Bros. The Perez Bros. were born into a family of car aficionados, and began documenting lowrider car culture through art at an early age. While pursuing a fine art degree at the Otis College of Art and Design, the Perez Bros. began working as a collaboration duo, where they focused on painting.

The Perez Bros. artistic style can be described as street realism;  a modern take on the street art that Los Angeles is so known for. Through paintings, the Perez Bros. showcase an all-encompassing image of car culture; from the customized car models, to the music, and to the people who gather to appreciate the rides. When admiring their paintings, viewers feel like they are really at the car show or cruise night being depicted.

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