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Timeless Legacy: Valentina Vargas

March 08, 2024

Timeless Legacy: Valentina Vargas


Valentina Vargas Artist Legacy Collaboration

Meet Valentina Vargas, the artist behind our latest Artist Legacy Collaboration. Valentina is from Santa Rosa, California, where she’s been cultivating her creative spirit since childhood. Her favorite mediums to work with are permanent markers, ballpoint pens, and led pencils. She has the remarkable ability to transform simple, accessible materials into art that comes to life.

Within her creations are layers of symbolism; enriching her art with deep, personal meaning that resonates with viewers. Whether exploring beautiful or dark themes, her work is a reflection of the things that have shaped her as an individual. From societal constructs, to personal life experiences – Valentina invites her audience to find a piece of themselves within her art.

Valentina Vargas Skull Art

The special-edition Timeless x Valentina Vargas collection includes a Flip Case and Battery Combo, an Artist Legacy Notebook, and an Artist Legacy Pen Set. The full collection is available exclusively on for a limited time only. Shop the Flip Case and Battery Combo at select dispensary locations in Arizona, California, Oklahoma, Ohio, and Missouri while supplies last. Call ahead or check online dispensary menus for availability.

Get an auditory walkthrough of Valentina Vargas's day-to-day favorites with her playlist, Timeless Legacy Mix: Valentina Vargas

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