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Timeless Legacy: Remio

March 18, 2022

Timeless Legacy: Remio

Born in Norway, raised in Canada and the US, and currently residing in Paris, France – Remio is a true culture-mash of raw talent and passion for art in the form of spray paint.

His infamous tags can be found all over the world, recognizable by his trademark anthropomorphic, angular, character-driven style.

Remio’s old school ethic of ‘getting up and going’ has followed him in life and into his present day. He relocated to Paris for love where he continues to graffiti as he walks the city, keeping a spray can or two with him at all times to tag when inspired to do so. He has recently navigated marrying the worlds of street and fine art by showing his works in galleries across San Francisco, Paris, and Italy.

The van you see in the video is actually one that has belonged to the Timeless family for years! Remio stopped by and gave it a new life while visiting family in Tucson over the holidays. We are hyped that our once-sterile daily driver is an absolute work of art and it’s safe to say we are rolling up to events in style from here on out!


Timeless Artist Collaboration

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