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Noir Flip Case Combo (0.5G)

This combo pack comes with our signature Noir flip case and the 1 Gram battery. We took special consideration to keep both you and your Noir Vape clean with the Noir Flip Case, fashioned specifically for discretion while medicating.

Black Flip Case and black battery.

This unique case is specifically made to fit the Noir Vapes TV6 battery when attached to any of our 500mg Noir and Timeless Vapes Cartridge. The plastic case is 5 inches by 1 inch at its widest. 

With our batteries there are no buttons to push or settings to adjust; we’ve taken care of all the details, allowing you to make the perfect puff every time.

You’ll know that the breath-activated unit is working when the light on the end is illuminated. If the light begins to flash, it’s time to recharge the battery.

The Timeless TV6 charger fits easily onto any USB power adapter (included).

*Battery + Flipcase currently only hold 500mg Noir and Timeless Vapes Cartridge*

*All sales are final*

*Battery only guaranteed when paired with Noir or Timeless Cartridge*


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