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May 20, 2022


Originally from Australia and Singapore, Yok and Sheryo began developing their signature artistic styles in skateboarding communities as teenagers. For the past ten years, the duo has been based in New York, where they have collaborated on several works of art over the years.

Their shared visual language blends their personal experiences and their love for exploring the world. Yok and Sheryo’s art exists in “Yeahnahnesia,” a fictional tropical island with made-up tales of mythology, deities, philosophies, religion, animals, landscapes, and archaeological treasures!

Interview with Yok and Sheryo:
What’s unique about that medium that you love so much?
We both started out spraypainting and that was really fun for a while! But as we started exploring new places and countries, we began to feel the insatiable need and yearning to explore more mediums because why the hell not?? It keeps things fresh and learning a new craft in a new place can be so exciting (Wooden sculptures, ceramics, batik etc and the list goes on). The BEST part about this is getting to know the locals, forging some real friendships, and learning about their culture and nuances. We meet a ton of interesting people all the time and get to experience a slice of their lives, it is all pretty epic!

How has cannabis influenced the way you see the world? 
I think once you see our artwork you will be able to see the influence.

What was the inspiration behind your Artist Legacy flip case with Timeless?
The eternal hustle of trying to make a living as an artist, it’s just a bit of fun really but it’s nice to be paid for what you love doing.

Timeless Artist Collaboration

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