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Timeless Legacy: Tato Caraveo

October 17, 2023

Timeless Legacy: Tato Caraveo

Tato Caraveo's vibrant artwork breathes life to downtown Phoenix, where the cityscape has become his canvas. Since his earliest days, art has been a companion. Today, his colorful murals adorn the Phoenix community; a showcase of his enduring passion and talent.

Tato's large-scale creations are reflections of surrealism dancing hand-in hand with reality. The distorted and over-exaggerated characters that come to life in his artwork invite viewers to contemplate more deeply. The recurring imagery of string instruments in his work isn't just a visual choice; it's an embodiment of his identity as both an artist and musician. Tato seamlessly blends these two worlds to tell his story.

For Tato, the artistic voyage never stops. He's an artist who keeps the community on their toes, crafting surprises at every turn with his ever-evolving artistic styles, surreal twists, and characters that wear their eccentricities like badges of honor.

The Timeless x Tato Caraveo Artist Legacy collection is based on Tato’s recognizable glowing skulls, which has become a part of his artistic identity during recent years. The full collection includes a limited-edition Flip Case & Battery combo and car sunshade. Shop the collection online at and at select dispensary locations in Arizona, California, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Missouri while supplies last.


Explore Tato’s day-to-day Latin favorites with the Artist Legacy Mix:

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