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Timeless x VeniceBall Flip Case Combo

Venice Basketball League (VBL) serves as a gathering place for the community, and has become a ground for collabs and initiatives that extend beyond the boundaries of conventional hoop dreams! From constructing basketball courts worldwide to hosting premier basketball events, the VBL organization is always working on expanding their reach and establishing philanthropic initiatives.

The Limited Edition Timeless x VeniceBall Flip Case & Battery Combo is one TV6 power supply and one matching Flip Case. There are no buttons to push or settings to adjust; we’ve taken care of all the details, allowing you to take the perfect puff every time. You’ll know that the breath-activated unit is working when the light on the end is illuminated. If the light begins to flash, it’s time to recharge the battery. Please note that this product is for one Battery + Flip Case Combo.

 *** Battery + Flip Case currently can hold 0.5g or 1g Timeless Vapes Cartridge***

*** Battery only guaranteed when paired with Timeless Cartridge***

***All sales are final***


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